About me - [Unknown]

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현재: 약 70만 다운로드 / 목표: 글로벌 5,000만 다운로드 이상
무료앱 유저수 "1위 한국", "2위 미국", "3위 중국", "4위 인도"
많은 추천 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

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Since 2011.03

ⓐ 정각알림(OnTimeAlarm)
ⓑ 알람포미(Alarm4Me)
ⓒ 플래시온(FlashOn)
ⓓ 와이파이온오프위젯
    (WifiOnOff4 Widget)

ⓔ 폴더플레이어포미

ⓕ 리코더포미(Recorder4Me)
ⓖ 리사이즈픽포미

ⓗ 언인스톨러포미

ⓘ 배터리포미(Battery4Me)
ⓙ 볼륨맨포미

About me - [Unknown]

About me - [Unknown]

Hi! I'm GreatDragon.Kim


Edge Of Chaos...(www.GreatDragonKim.com)



* Life Plan

1. Writing book with english and Publishing in Amazon America/England.

2. Getting 50,000,000 global mobile app users.


- Adjunct Professor(Computer Engineering & Information Telecommunication)

Prime Minister's certification(or letter) of commendation at year 2013 in Republic of Korea(Software Industry)

- SW Developer and Distributor(14 Android Apps on play store from year 2011)

- SW Technical Book Author in Daegu - 4 Books(from year 2007)








테스트 스마트폰: Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5x, LG G4, Redmi 4 Prime, Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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