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주인장(개발자) 로그

Talk | 미드에 자주 나오는 표현 400개

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미드에 자주 나오는 표현 400개 


1.시험이 어땠어요?(쉽고 어려운 정도)

  How was your test ?

2.커피 좀 더 주실래요.  

  May I have a refill ? 

  =May I have another cup of coffee ?  cf)More coffee (X)

3.전화상태가 안 좋습니다.  

  We have a bad connection.

  =The connection seems to be very bad. 

4.혼선된것 같아요.

  I guess the lines are crossed.

5.잘 안 들려요! 크게 말해주세요.  

  I can't hear you well! would you speak up.

6.끊었다가 다시 할께요.  

  I'll hang up call again.

7.언제 아기 낳을 것 같아요? 

 When are you due ? =When is your baby expecting ? =When do you expect your baby ?

8.도둑 잡아라!  

  Stop the thief!

9.본때를 보여주마.  

  I'll teach you(a lesson).

10.데이트하는 사람 있어요?  

  Are you seeing anyone ?

11.웃기는 얘기 해줄까 ?  

  Do you want some giggles ?

12.전화가 안된다.  

  I don't get a dial tone.

13.그만하기 다행이다.  

  Lucky it wasn't worse.

14.다리가 뻣뻣하다.  

  My legs are stiff(=sore)

15.이상한 냄새 안나요?  

  Do you smell something strange ?

16.말이 나왔으니 말인데요, 내킨 김에 말인데요?

  Since we are on the subject ∼=Since we are talking about it ∼

  ex)말이 나왔으니 말인데요 이번 학기 학점이 어때요?   

  Since we are on the subject how are your grade this term?

17.껌을 뱉어 주십시오. 

  Please, spit you gum out!

18.오늘 휴강입니다. 

  There is no class today.=The class is out today.

19.벼락치기로 시험공부 했어요. 

  I've got the cram for the test.

20. 논술입니까, 4지선다형입니까? 

  Is this test going to be an essay or multiple choice ?

21.나한테 신경 쓰지 마세요.

  Please, don't mind me.

22.제비뽑기로 하자!  

  Let's cast(=down) lot!

23.동전 던지기로 하자! 

  Let's flip the coin(=for it)!

24.앞면? 뒷면?  

  Heads of tails ? (앞면: 사람얼굴)

25.내 마음하고 똑같네! 

  You read my mind! =You said exactly what I was thinking.

26.눈빛만 봐도 안다. 

  I see eye to eye with you.


  Do you want to bet ?

28.무슨 내기할까? 

  What are we going to play for ?

  =Should we play for something ?

  =What should we bet for?

  EX)맥주 내기 어때 ? How about playing for a beer ?

29. 누가 이기나 내기하자. 

  Let's bet on who's going to win this time.

30.군침이 돈다. 

  My mouth is watering.

31.맛있게 보이네요. 

  It's smells good looks.

32.식기 전에 드세요. 

  Please, go ahead before gets cold.

33.조금 더 드실래요? 

  Would you like(=want to) some more ?

34.그 사람 올 때가 됐는데. 

  He is supposed to be here by now.

  =He should be here by now.

35.난 밥값은 해요. 

  I earn my keep.

36.잘난 척 하지마. 

  Don't put on airs.

  =Don't flatter yourself.

  =Don't show off.

37.이제 요령이 조금 생겼군요. 

  You got the hang up it.=You've got to use it.


  It serves you right!=It pays you right!=You deserve it!


  You made a bed so you lie on at!

40.당신 스타킹 올이 나갔는데요. 

  You have a run in your stocking.

41.이 신발은 아직 길이 안 들었어요. 

  These shoes haven't been broken in.

  =These shoes are brand new so I don't comfortable with them.

42.막차는 11:40분에 있습니다. 

  The last train is at 11:40.=The last train comes at 11:40

43.기차는 3분 간격으로 옵니다. 

  A train comes every three minutes. 

44. 기다려 봅시다. 두고 봅시다. 

  It remains to be seen.=Let's just wait and see.

45.너 어디 두고보자! 

  You will pay for this!=You can get away with this!

46.감기 기운이 있어요. 

  Maybe I'm coming down with a cold.

  =I have a thuch of the flu.

  =I seem to have a cold.

  =I think I caught a cold.

47.콧물이 자꾸 나요. 

  I have a runny nose.

48. 코가 막혔어요. 

  I have a stuffed-up nose.

49. 마감일이 언제죠? 

  When is this due ?=When is the due date ?

50.화면이(TV) 안 좋아요. 

  We don't get a good picture on TV.

51.TV 색깔 좀 맞춰 주시겠어요? 

  Would you adjust color the TV ?

52.이제 선명해 졌어요. 

  The picture is now clear.=Now we get a better pictuer on the TV.

53.KBS FM 수신이 잘 안됩니다. 

  I don't get a good reception of KBS FM.

54.링겔을 맞았어요. 

  I had an I.V(=Intra Venous).

55.나는 다리에 기브스를 했어요. 

  I've got my leg cast.

56.신발을 바꿔(좌, 우) 신었다. 

  He had his shoes on the wrong feet.=He foots his shoes on the backward.

57.너 옷 뒤집어 입었다. 

  Your T-shirt inside out.


  The game ended in a tie.=The game was tied.

  ex)3:3의로 비겼다. The score was tied 3 to 3.

59.우리팀이 7:4로 이겼다. 

  The score was 7 to 4 in our favor.=We won the game 7 to 4(against hapan).

60.그거 실황이야? 아니 재방송이야. 

  Is this live? No, it's a rerun.

61.몇 층 가십니까? 2층 눌러 주세요. 

  Which floor ? Could you press 2!(= 2th floor please)

62.여기가 몇 층이죠? 

  What floor am I on ? 

63.지도상으로 어디쯤 됩니까? 

  Where am I on this map ?


  Don't make a face!

65.살 좀 빼야겠어. 

  I need to lose some weight.=I need to go on a diet.

66.몸무게가 얼마나 되세요? 

  How much do you weigh ?=What is your weigh

67.살이 빠졌어(≠쪘어) 

  I lost (≠gained) weight.

68.커피 어떻게 타드릴까요? 

  How would you like your coffee ?=Would you like cream and sufar ?

69.설탕하나하고 프림 둘 부탁합니다. 

  One sugar and two cream please.

70.오늘 되는 일이 없어. 

  It's not going anywhere today.=It's not my day.

71.차를 뒤로(≠앞으로) 빼주세요. 

  Would you back up(≠move up) a little,please!

72.다리가 저려요. 

  My leg has gone to sleep.=My leg goes numb.=My leg feels numb.

73.다리에 쥐가 났어요. 

  I have a cramp in my leg.

74.가방 들어드릴까요? 

  Can I hold your bag ?=Can I hold them for you ?

75.미국 달러로 얼마나 됩니까? 

  How much is it in US dollars ?

76.여행자 수표로 지불해도 됩니까? 

  Can I pay with Traveler's check (TC).

77.신용카드 취급합니다(푯말)! 

  We welcome plastic!

78.말대꾸 하지 마라! 

  Don't talk back to me!=Don't give me any lip!

79.그런 식으로 말하지 마라! 

  Don't use that tone with me!

80.옷에 좀이 슬었어요. 

  The clothes are moth eaten.

81.얘기 많이 들었습니다.(만날 때) 

  I've heard a lot about you.

82.다시 만나 뵙고 싶군요. 

  I hope to see you again.

83.쇼핑 갔다 오는 길에 (가는 길에)들렸어요. 

  I stop by on my way home from(≠to) shopping.

84.여기가 단골집입니다. 

  This is my hang-out.=This is my second home.

85.배탈이 났어요. 

  I've got the runs.

86.식중독 걸렸어요. 

  I was seruck by food-poisning.=I was poisoned by eating.

87.눈에 눈곱이 끼어요. 

  My eyes are gummed up.

88.눈물이 자꾸 흘러요.(슬플때 아님) 

  My eyes are watery.

89.당신 눈이 충혈 됐어요. 

  Your eyes are blood shot.=You've got red eyes.

90.여기서 무단횡단 하면 안돼요! 

  You should not jay walk here!=Don't jay walk here!

91.신호좀 지키세요. 

  Keep the traffic signs please.

92.제가 식성이 까다로워요. 

  I'm very fussy(=picky) about food.

93.전 뭐든지 잘먹어요. 

  I have a good appetite.

94.농담이 지나칩니다! 

  Your joke is going to far!=That's going to far!

95. 말조심하세요! 

  Watch your mouth!=Hold your tongue!

96.(방송)아들을 찾아 주세요.

  Could you page my son?ex)Paging ○○○ please come to the information desk.

97.그 영화 히트 칠꺼야.  

  This movie is going to make splash.

98.당신 어느 편이에요?

  (게임)Which side are you on ?= Which side do you go to ?

  (사람)Who side are you on ?


  Let's play sides!

100.나는 네 편이 되겠다. 

  I'll take your side.

101.나중에 해도 돼요! 

  That can wait!=You can do it later!

102.그들은 궁합이 잘 맞는데요. 

  They have great chemistry.=they are perfect each other.

103.제가 몇 살이나 되어 보이세요? 

  How old would you guess I'm ?

104.당신 시력이 어때요? 

  How's your eye-sight ?

105.시력 좋습니까? 

  Do you have a good eye-sight ?

106.제 시력은 20,30 입니다.(뒤쪽 숫자가 높으면 근시, 앞쪽 숫자가 높으면 원시)

  My eyes are 20,30.

107.제 눈은 근시입니다.(≠원시) 

  My eyes are near-sighted.

  =I have a near-sighted vision.≠My eyes are far-sighted.

108.재주가 많군요! 

  You can do many ehinys!=You are very talented!

109.그 방면에 소질이 있어요. 

  He has a real talent for that field.

110.너는 팔방미인이다. 

  You are a jack of all trades.

111.그 사람은 연장을 잘 다룬다. 

  He is very handy with tools.

112.젓가락으로 이렇게 들어야 합니다. 

  You pick it up like this with chopsticks.=You can use chopsticks this.

113.무슨 음식이죠? 

  What is this like ? 

114.맛이 어때요? 

  How does it taste ?

115.발목을 삐었는지 x -ray를 찍어봐야 할 것 같아요. 

  I need a X-ray of my ankle to see if it is sprained.

116.다리가 부었어요. 

  My ankle is swollen.

117.왼손잡이에요, 오른손잡이에요? 

  Which is your sword arm ?

118.동그랗게 원형으로 앉아 주세요. 

  Please, sit in a circle.

119.답을 아는 사람은 손을 들어주세요. 

  Please, raise your hand if you know the answer.

120.저는 편들지 않겠습니다. 

  I'm not taking side.=I'm neutral.

  =I'm not on eithe side.

  (어느 누구의)I'm not siding with anyone.

121.담당자를 연결해 드리겠습니다. 

  I'll put you through to the person in charge.

  =I'll connect you with person charge.

122.그사람 한테 저에게 전화해달라고 전해주세요. 

  Would you ask him to call me back ?

123.저 아세요?(누가 아는체를 할 경우) 

  Do I know you ?

124.제가 제 친구로 착각했습니다. 

  I'm sorry, I took you for my friend.

125.전에 뵌적이 있네요. 

  I think I've seen you somewhere before.

126.틀림없이 다른 사람과 저를 혼동하신 것 같습니다. 

  You must have me mixed up with someone else.

127.이곳에서는 110V,220V 둘다 사용합니다. 

  Both 110V and 220V are compatible here.

128.여기 전압이 몇이죠? 

  What's the voltage here ?

129.출산을 축하합니다.  

  Congratulations on your new baby.

  =Congratulations on the new arrival.

  (카드)Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby.

130.숙취가 있네요. 

  I have a hang over.=I'm a hung over.

131.물가가 두배로 올랐어요. 

  Prices were doubled.

132.물가가 오르고 있다.(≠내리고 있다) 

  Prices are on the rise (≠going down).

  =prices are going up (≠decling).

133.그는 다른 어떤것에도 마음을 두지 못합니다.

  He can't keep his mind anything else.

134.그 사람은 당신에게 반했나 봅니다. 

  He has a crush on you.

135.소문으로 들었어요. 

  A little bird told me.

136.모두 해결됐어요. 

  We are all set.

137.그거 해봤자 소용없어요. 

  That doesn't help.

138.제가 내리는 역에서 두정거장만 더 가세요. 

  Go two more stops after I get off.

  =Get off two more stops after me.

139.두 정거장 가신 후 갈아타셔서 세정거장 더 가세요. 

  Go two more stops and then transfer for three more stops.

140.안경을 쓰니까 더 보기 좋은데요. 

  You look good with glasses.

  =Your glasses go well with you.

  =It really looks great on you.

141.누구에게나 우러러볼수 있는 사람이 필요합니다. 

  Everybody needs someone to look up to. 

  =Everyone needs good example

142.그거 세일때 샀어요. 

  I bought it on sale. =I got it cheap

143.이것도 세일하는 겁니까? 

  Is this on sale also ?

144.이건 언제 세일하죠? 

  When is it going to be on sale ?

145.세일기간이 얼마동안 입니까? 

  How long is the sale ?

146.조심해서 가세요. 

  Take care!=See you later!

147.조금 더 있다가 가세요. 

  Can't you stay a little longer ?

148.벌써 가요! 

  Do you mean you're going now ?

149.이런 일이 일어날줄 몰랐어요. 

  I can't believe what happen=I can't believe this

150.그사람 만나거든 저한테 전화좀 해달라고 하세요. 

  If you bump into him, could you ask him to call me?

151.나는 당신과 장난칠 기분이 아니에요. 

  I don't feel like playing with you.

152.당신 부모님께 안부전해 주세요. 

  Please say hello to your parents.

  =Please give my regard to your parents.

153.그렇지 않아도 한번 만나보고 싶었습니다. 

  You are just the man I want to see.

154.댁의 식구들은 다 잘 있습니까? 

  How's your family ?

  =How's everybody at your house ?

155.그 책은 상당히 도움이 될 겁니다. 

  This book will help you a lot. 

  =This book will give you a lot of help. 

  =This book will be pretty handy.

156.이젠 당신을 행복하게 해드릴께요. 

  I'll make you happy. 

  =I'll make up to you.

157.손실분을 보상해 드리겠습니다. 

  I'll make up for the lost.

158.여기서 외부전화를 하려면 어떻게 하지요? 

  How can I make an outside-call from here ?

  =How do I get an outside line ? 

159.9번을 누르시면 신호음이 들릴 겁니다. 

  Dial 9 first and you'll get an dial tone.

  =Dial 9 first to make an outgoing call(=outside line).

160.말과 행동은 별개의 것입니다. 

  Speaking is one thing and doing is another.

161.말은 쉬워도 행동은 어렵다. 

  Speaking is easy but doing is difficult.

  =Easier said than done.

162.말보다 행동이 중요하다. 

  Actions speak louder than words.

163.당신이라면 뭘 소원하시겠습니까? 

  What would you wish for ?

  =What would you do if you are me ?

164.나는 뭐든지 빨리 배워요. 

  I'm a fast learner.

165.휴가동안 신문과 우유배달을 보류시키려고 해요. 

  I'd like to put the milk and news paper delivery on hold while I'm on vacation.

  =I'd like to put temporary hold on the milk and  newspaper while I'm out of time.

  =(의문문)Could you hold my milk delivery while I'm on vacation ?

166.그는 일방적인 결정을 내렸어요. 

  He made it one side decision.

  =He didn't ask for our opinion.

167.한번 더 말해 주세요. 

  Pass that by me one more time.

  =Come again ?

  =What did you say ?

168.그 사람에게는 쌍둥이형이 있어요. 

  He has a twin(brother).

169.그들은 정말 닮았다. 

  They really look alike. 

  =They are spitting images of each other.

170.그게 금방 생각이 나질 않네요. 

  That has not quickly come up with me.

  =It's on the tip of my tongue.

171.저는 이 일에 관여하고 싶지 않아요. 

  I don't want to get involved in this matter.

172.이 일에서 손을 떼고 싶습니다. 

  I wash my hands of this matter.

  =I'll keep out of this. 

  =Keep me out of this.

173.그 곳으로 가는 방법을 알고 계십니까? 

  Do you know how to get there ?

  =Can you give me direction ?

174.우리가 지금 어디로 가는지 아세요? 

  Do you where we're going ?

175.내가 옳다면 옳은 겁니다. 

  When I'm right, I'm right.

176.그것이 곧 무엇을 의미하는지 아십니까?

  Do you know what that means ?

177.선택의 여지가 없군요. 

  I have no choice=What choice do I have ?

178.전 위가 안좋은 편입니다. 

  I have trouble with my stomach.

  =I have stomach problem.

179.당신은 언제라도 내게 의지할 수 있어요. 

  You can always count on me.

  =I'm always here if you need me.

180.저는 주경야독을 하고 있습니다. 

  I'm working during the day and studying at night.

  =I'm moonlighting as a student.

  =I'm  burning the midnight oil.

181.오늘이 무슨 요일이죠? 

  What day is it(today) ?

182.수요일인가요, 목요일인가요? 

  Is today wednesday or thursday ?

183.누가 걸 차례입니까?(내기) 

  Whose bet is it ?

184.2박3일로 설악산에 다녀왔습니다.

  I've been to Mt.Sol-ak for 3 days and 2 night.

185.시계를 한시간 뒤로 맞추세요. 

  Set your watch 1 hour back (≠ahead).

186.자명종을 6시30분에 맞춰놔라. 

  Set your alarm clock at 6 o'clock.

187.한국과 ○○의 시차는 얼마죠? 

  What's the time difference between Korea and ○○ ?

188. 어떤 대가를 치른다 해도 당신곁에 있겠어요. 

  Whatever it takes I'll stay here with you.

189. 이거 동전으로 좀 바꿔주세요. 

  Can I have the change for this ?

  =Can I have break this bill ?

190. 5달러 바꿔줄 잔돈 있어요? 

  Do you have the change for 5 dollars ?

  =Will you give me 5 dollars in pocket change.

191.이 수표를 현금으로 바꾸고 싶은데요.

  I'd like to cash this check.

192.나중에 얘기합시다. 

  I'll get(=talk) to you later.

193.잠깐 얘기좀 할까요? 

  Can I talk to you for a minute ?

194.잠깐 들어가도 되요? 

  Can I come in for a second ?

195.전 아르바이트로 신문배달을 하고 있습니다. 

  I'm delivering papers part time.

  =I'm a part time newspaper boy.

  =I'm delivering newspaper as a part time job.

196.나이보다 젊어 보이시네요. 

  You look young for your age. 

  =(slang)You don't show a bit of wear.

197.그는 나이보다 늙어 보인다. 

  He looks older than his tongue teeth.

198.그 여자를 보니까 우리 누나생각이 나네요. 

  She reminds me off my sister.

  =She looks like my sister.

199.당신은 아버지를 더 많이 닮으셨네요. 

  You look much more like your father.

200.그사람 아버지 복사판입니다. 

  He is a carbon copy of his father.

201.마음이 변하면 이 번호로 연락주세요. 

  If you change your mind call me at this number.

202.입안에 혓바늘이 돋았어요.

  I got a rash on my tongue.

  =My tongue broke out in a rash.

203.혀를 데었다. 

  I burned my tongue,drinking hot water.

204.내 느낌을 그저 얘기해 주고 싶어요. 

  I just want to tell you how I'm feeling.

205.예전엔 이런 기분을 느끼진 못했어요. 

  I've never felt like this before.

206.이 모든게 다 당신 덕분이에요. 

  I owe it all to you.

207.가져가실 거예요? 여기서 드실 거예요? 

  Here or to go ?

208.햄버거2개, 콜라 큰거 싸주세요. 

  2 hamburgers and large coke to go please.

209.햄버거에 마요네즈를 넣지 마세요. 

  I'd like hamburger with no mayo(=mayonaise).

210.큰 프라이드 포테이토 하나하고 케찹 좀 더 주세요. 

  Can I get a large fry potato with extra ketchup.

211.그들은 눈이 맞았다. 

  They really hit it off.

212.공휴일이 일요일과 겹쳐 버렸어요. 

  The holiday fell on(=landed on) sunday.

213.제게 중요한 건 그것뿐이에요. 

  That's all that matters to me. 

  =I don't need anything else.

214.그만하면 됐습니다. 

  That will do.

215.모든 일이 잘되어가니 다행이군요. 

  I'm glad everything's working out.

216.이것 좀 확대해 주세요. 

  Would you enlarge this ?

  =I need this enlarged. =I need this blown up.

217.두장씩 빼주세요. 

  I need double prints.

218.한시간 안에 현상할 수 있습니까?

  Can you have these developed in an hour ?

  =Do you have one hour processing ?

219.이 필름을 사람수대로 빼주세요. 

  Copy these negatives according to the number of people.

220.이 필름을 5×7 사이즈로 확대해 주세요. 

  I need a 5 by 7 from this negative.

221.어떤 크기로 빼드릴까요? 

  What size do you want ?

222.소리를 좀 낮춰 주세요.  

  Would you turn down a little ? =Turn the tone down, please.

223.그녀는 맹활약 중이다. 

  She's stealing the show.

224.건전지가 다 됐어요. 

  The battery is dead.

225.그녀는 항상 말썽을 피워요. 

  She always seems to be in trouble.

226.그의 반응은 어땠어요? 

  How was his reaction ?

227.저는 복숭아 알레르기예요. 

  I'm allergic to peach.

228.개만 보면 간지러워요. 

  I got itch around dogs.

229.고양이만 보면 재채기가 나와요. 

  Cats make me sneeze.

230.그사람 입에서 악취가 나와요. 

  He has bad breath  (몸)He has body odor

231.그때가 좋았지, 한 가닥 했었는데! 

  Those were the days!

232.계속 그렇게 하세요. 

  You keep it up that way.

233.모든 일이 뜻대로 안될 때는 눈을 감고 내 생각을 하세요. 

  When nothing is going right, close your eyes and think of me.

234.내가 어디까지 얘기했지요? 

  Where was I ? =What did I just say ? 

  =what was I talking about ?

235.제발, 아직 안 끝났습니다. 

  Please, I'm not done yet. =Please, let me finish.

236.고정관념을 깨라. 

  Let's break out of the  mold

237.당신을 찾아 사방을 헤맸어요. 

  I've been looking for you everywhere

238.조금만 더가면 그사람 집입니다. 

  We are nearly at his house

239.다른 각도에서 생각해보세요. 

  Why don't you see things differently ?

240.저는 하루 두끼 식사를 습관으로 하고 있습니다. 

  I'm making a habit of having two meals a day. 

  =I usually have two meals a day. =I usually eat twice a day.

241.저 어때요, 괜찮아 보여요? 

  Do I look alright ? =How do I look ? =Tell me, how are you look ?

242.저기 빨간 건물 앞에서 세워 주세요. 

  Pull over(=drop me off,) in front of the  red building.

243.공짜로는 안해줄거야. 

  I'm not going to do it for nothing.

244.그것으로는 안되겠는데요.(너무 적다) 

  That won't be enough.

245.우리가 이곳에 있어야 할 아무런 이유가 없다. 

  That's nothing to keep us here.

246.우린 시간 가는줄 몰랐습니다. 

  We lost track of the time.

247.삐 소리가 난후 메모 남겨 주세요. 

  Please, leave a message after the beep ex)I'm sorry, I can't answer the phone right now.

  If you leave the message after the beep and I'll call right back.

248.왜 전화하셨어요?(연락을 받고) 

  May I ask what this is about ?(공손)

  =What did you call ?(직접적, 불손)

249.빈방이 없는데요. 

  We have no vacancy.

250.하룻밤 자는데 얼마입니까? 

  What's the rate here ?

251.전망이 좋은 방이 있습니까? 

  We have a room with a good vision ?


  Did you make(=Do you have) a reservation ?

253.얼마나 오랫동안 머무르실 겁니까? 

  How long are you going to stay ?=How long are you staying ?

254.그대와 나 둘이서 노력한다면 할수 있어요. 

  Just two of us, We can make it if we try.

255.우리는 모든 수단 방법을 다 써봤어요. 

  We tried all possible means.

  =We left no stone unturned. =We did everything we could.

256.어떻게든 해보지요. 

  I'll see What can I do.

257.간단하게 뭐좀 먹을까요? 

  How about a quick bite ?

258.여전하지 뭐! 

  Still plugging away!

259.생각해 보죠. 

  I'll sleep on it. 

260.기차가 콩나물 시루였어요. 

  I was packed in like a sardine on a train.

261.그건 부업일 뿐입니다. 

  That's only a side line(=part time job).

262.생사가 달린 문제입니다. 

  It's life for that.

263.내일은 새로운 날이 시작될 거야. 

  After all tomorrow is another day.

264.그 여자에게 눈독 들이지마! 

  Stop eyeballing her!

265.그가 곤란한 일을 당할까요? 

  Is he going to be in trouble ?

266.제가 다시 한번 불러 볼테니 맞는지 확인해 보세요. 

  Would you confirm it if I repeat it back to you ?

267.오늘밤 2인용 식사테이블을 예약하고 싶습니다. 

  I'd like to book a table for two tonight.

268.말좀 천천히 해 주세요. 

  Would you speak slowly ?

  =Your saying is too fast.

269.뒤치닥거리 하는데 지친다. 

  I'm getting tired of serving your butt.

270.그에게 접근하는 가장 좋은 방법을 알려주세요. 

  What would you say is the best way to approach him ?

271.사람도 사람 나름이에요. 

  It depends on the person=Everybody is different.

272.사람을 겉보기로 알수 없지요. 

  You can't always go by looks.

273.사람마다 취향이 달라요. 

  Everybody has a different taste

274.내 생각을 알겠어? 

  Do you get my drift ? 

275.이 사진은 한강을 배경으로 찍었어요. 

  This picture was taken with the background of the Han river.

  =The backdrop here is the Han river.

276.어떤 조치라도 취해 봤어요? 

  Are you doing something for that ?

277.말로만 하지 마라. 

  Don't play lip service.

278.저녁식사 하세요! 

  Come on, dinner is ready=Dinner is on!

279. 설거지는 제가 하죠. 

  I'll do the dishes.

280.그가 왜 그렇게 화났어요? 

  Why was he so cross ?

281.조금 있다 저녁식사 함께 하시죠? 

  Would you stay for dinner ?

282.당신은 스트레스를 어떻게 푸십니까? 

  How do you relieve fatigue (=stress) ?

  =How do you get rid of tension ?

283.나는 맥주한잔으로 하루의 피로를 풉니다. 

  I get rid of a day's fatigue by drinking a glass of bear.

284.잠을 자면서 풉니다. 

  I usually sleep of my fatigue.

285.지쳐서 잠을 자야겠어요. 

  I'm exhausted, I'm going to get some sleep.

286.그 여자는 12:30분 비행기로 오는 중입니다. 

  She is coming on the twelve thirty flight.

287.내가 한말은 지킨다. 

  I'm stick to my word.

288.너 왜 그래?(상황이 끝난뒤에 뒷북치는 사람에게) 

  Are you from Mars ?

289.한국 육군에 복무했었습니다. 

  I served with ROK army.  *방위:defensive army

290.난 지금 농담할 기분이 아니에요. 

  I'm not in the mood to joke around=I don't feel like cracking a joke.

  =This isn't the time to joke.

291.네가 항상 그러지 뭐! 

  It's you all over.

292.많은 점이 넌 나와 닮았다. 

  You're like me in many ways.

293.바람 쐬러 잠깐 나왔어요. 

  I just came out to enjoy the breeze=I just came out for a change of atmosphere

294.너 나한테 무슨 감정있냐? 

  Do you hold anything against me ?

295.만만치 않은데! 

  No picnic!

296.복사가 흐리게 나왔군요. 

  The copy is not clear=This doesn't have clear print

297.복사가 번졌다. 

  The copy is smudged.

298.나는 뭔가 활력소가 필요해. 

  I need a pick-me-up.

299.날따라 말해보세요. 

  Repeat after me=Please say what I say.

300.그녀는 몸매가 좋다. 

  She has a nice figure.

301.어떻게 그런 몸매를 유지해요? 

  How could you keep such a nice figure ?

302.꼭 해야 됩니까? 

  Do I have to ?

303.GMP는 영어를 공부하는데 많은 도움을 줍니다. 

  Listening to GMP will help you sharpen your English skill.

304.우리 은행에 통장이 있으세요? 

  Do you have an account with us ?

305.통장을 개설하고 싶습니다. 

  I'd like to open an account.

306.제 통장에서 돈을 찾고 싶습니다. 

  I'd like to withdraw some money from my account.

307.입금하러 왔는데요. 

  I'd like to deposit some money into my account.

308.내일은 근무 안해요. 

  I'm not working tomorrow.

  =I have got day-off tomorrow.

  =I'm off tomorrow.

309.그 사람 지금 휴학중입니다. 

  He is an temporary leave from school.

  =He is taking a temporary rest from study.

310.스펠링좀 불러주세요. 

  Would you spell that please ?

  =How would you spell that word ?

311.사진보다 실물이 더 나은 것 같은데요. 

  You look better in real life. 

  =You don't look good in this picture.

  =This photo doesn't do you justice.

312.당신은 사진이 잘 받네요. 

  You are very photogenic.

313.나는 사진이 잘 안 받는 것 같아요. 

  I don't think I photograph very well.

314.사진 잘 나왔어요? 

  Did the picture turn out alright ?

315.오늘 아침에 트럭에 거의 칠뻔 했어요. 

  I almost got hit by the truck this morning.

  =Some truck almost nailed this morning.

  =Some truck almost flatten me this morning.

316.전 이 일에 소질이 있어요. 

  I have talent for this kind of work.

317.그는 손재주가 있어요. 

  He is very good with his hand.

318.귀가 간지러워요. 

  (남의말)=Some must talking about me, my ears are burning.

  (물리적)=My ears are itch. =My ears are glow.

319.저는 이층에 삽니다. 

  I've on the second floor.

320.당신 앞집에 살아요. 

  I've next your house.

321.어찌되었건 당신 일이 아니예요. 

  It's not your business anyway.

322. 더 이상 문제삼지 말아요. 

  Don't argue anymore.

323. 삐삐칠께. 

  I'll beep you.

  324.123-4567로 호출하신분? Did somebody beep 123-4567 ?

325. 누가 이 번호로 호출했나 알아봐 주세요.  

  Could you find out who beep me from this number ?

326.이거 뭐하는데 쓰시게요? 

  What's this for ?=What will use this for ?=What's the purpose of this ?

327.팩스를 보내려고 하는데 팩스 좀 연결해 주세요. 

  I'd like to fax some documents to you please adjust your machine accordingly.

  =I'm faxing some documents over to you  please adjust your machine.

328.전화 받을래? 

  Are you here ?

329.오늘 오후에 보강이 있어요. 

  We have a make up class this afternoon.

330.오늘 종강합니다. 

  Today is the last day of our classes.

331.이곳에 들어가려면 정장을 해야 합니다. 

  You have to dress up to enter this place. 

  =You need a formal attire to enter.

332.당신은 그것이 내게 무엇을 의미하는지 몰라요. 

  You don't know what it means to me.

333.그 사람은 대학 2년 선배예요. 

  He is 2 years ahead of me in school.

334. 그 사람 기억력이 대단해요. 

  He has a photographic memory.

  =He has a good memory like a computer.

335.내게 그런 핑계 대지 마세요. 

  Don't make any excuses to me=No excuses is good excuses.

336.입장을 바꿔봐라. 

  Put your self in my place(=shoes).

337.호랑이도 제말하면 온다. 

  Speak of the devil. =Look, who's here.

338.자존심은 접어두세요. 

  Please swallow your pride=Please let go your pride

339.알긴 아는데 잘 생각이 나질 않는군요. 

  I know it but I just can't think of it right now.

  =I know it but It's on the tip of my tongue.

340.아무것도 생각 안나요. 

  I can't think of anything

341.그게 무슨 상관이야. 

  What does it matter ?

342.세대차이가 나네요. 

  We have a generation gab.

343.머리에 손 올려. 

  Put your hands on your head.

344.마감되었으니 다음달에 신청해주세요. 

  Sorry, We are closed Please apply next month.

345.이 소포를 등기(속달)로 부치고 싶습니다. 

  I'd like to send this package by registered mail(=Express mail).

346.그 교수님은 학점이 너무 짜요. 

  The professor is really tough grader. =That professor marks really tough.

347.이 분이 제가 전화로 말했던 바로 그 신사분 입니다. 

  This is the gentle man I mentioned on the phone. 

  =This is the man I was talking about on the phone.

348.걱정해줘서 고맙습니다. 

  I appreciate your concern.

349.학교에다 우산을 놓고 왔어요. 

  I left my umbrella in the school. 

  =I forgot to bring my umbrella home.

350.그는 건망증이 심하다. 

  He is forgettable.

351.물건 잘 챙겨라! 

  Don't leave your beloings behind.

352.그 사람은 발이 넓어요. 

  He has a wide number of acquaintances.

353.나는 아무데도 가지 않았어요. 

  I've gone nowhere. =I haven't got to anywhere.

354.없었던 걸로 합시다. 

  Forget it!=Never mind!

355.본론으로 갑시다. 

  Let's get down to the point.

356.나는 이길을 손바닥 보듯 훤히 알고 있어요. 

  I know this street like back of my hands. 

  =I could find my way around here with my eye closed.

357.서울엔 처음입니다. 

  I'm new in Seoul.

358.똑바로 말해봐라. 

  Don't beat around the bush.

359.이야기할 기회가 많았으면 좋겠네요. 

  I hope We have many opportunities to talk each other.

360.우리는 손발이 척척 맞아요. 

  We click so well. =We have good chemistry. ≠We have bad blood.

361.당신은 조디 포스터를 닮았군요. 

  You really resemble Jordie poster.

362.이건 시간을 다투는 문제예요. 

  This is an extremely urgent matter. =This is an emergency.

363.낭비할 시간이 없다. 

  There is no time to lose.

364.이 시기가 고비입니다. 

  This is the hardest time. =We are at a critical stage.

365.잠시동안 어려움이 있을 겁니다. 

  Things will be a difficult for a little while.

366.누군가 나를 보고 있는 듯한 느낌이 들어요. 

  I'm feeling someone watching me.

367.국수가 불었어요. 

  The noodles were over cooked. 

  =The noodles were cooked too long. 

  =THe noodles were are too soft.

368.조금 짜요. 

  This is a little salty.


  It tastes flat.

370.저는 지금 치아교정을 하고 있습니다. 

  I have braces on my teeth. =I'm getting some dental or done.

371.충치가 있어요. 

  I have a cavity.

372.사랑니를 뽑으려고 합니다. 

  I'm getting my wisdom teeth pull.

373.적어도 하루에 두 번씩은 양치질하세요. 

  Clean your teeth at least twice a day.

374.나는 뻐드렁니가 있어요. 

  I have a buck teeth.

375.오늘은 광복절입니다. 

  Today is a liberation day (설날:New year's day)

376.그는 시차때문에 고생하고 있어요. 

  He is suffering from jet lag.

377.서울과 동경은 1시간의 시차가 있습니다. 

  There is 1 hour time difference between Seoul and Tokyo.

378.우리는 인생의 밝은 면을 보도록 할거예요. 

  We will look on (=go for) bright side of life. 

  =We will look on the positive aspect of life.

379.이거 유통기간이 언제까지 입니까? 

  When is the expiration date ?=When does this expire ?

380.이 비타민은 유통기간이 언제까지 입니까? 

  When do this vitamins expire ?

381.우유가 맛이 간 것 같다. 

  This milk tastes stale.

382.빵맛이 이상하다. 

  This bread tastes stale.

383.저는 배가 나왔어요. 

  I have a beer belly(=pot belly, spare tire, love handle).

384.당신과 계약한적 없어요. 

  I didn't sign up with you

385.그녀는 체질적으로 약하다. 

  She has a fewer constitution.

386.그건 내 체질에 안맞는다. 

  That doesn't suit my constitution.

387.그 음식은 나한테 안맞아요. 

  The food doesn't suit my taste.

388.저는 이과보다 문과 체질인가 봐요. 

  I'm more literature oriented rather than science. 

  =I have more over talent for literature than science. 

  =I'm more inclined to literature than science.

389.그 안건은 만장일치로 통과되었습니다. 

  The proposal was taken unanimously.

  =Everybody agreed on the proposal unanimously.

390.그 법안은 만장일치로 가결되었습니다. 

  The bill was passed by unanimous vote.

  =The bill received unanimous vote was passed.

391.누가 뭐래도 자신의 길을 가라. 

  Be yourself no matter what they say.

392.당신을 실망시키려고 했던것이 아니었어요. 

  I didn't mean to disappoint you. =I never mean to let you down.

393.당신이 나를 떠난지 오래 되었군요. 

  It's been a long time since you left me.

394.저는 GMP를 정기구독하고 있습니다. 

  I subscribe to GMP=I'm a GMP's subscriber.

  =I have a subscription to GMP.

395.얼마나 오랫동안 그 잡지를 구독하였습니까? 

  How long did you subscribe to the magazine ?

396.그 잡지를 정기구독하고 싶은데요. 

  I want to subscribe to the magazine.

397.타임지 최신것 있습니까? 

  Do you have the latest TIME ?

398.커피 마시면서 뭐좀 드실래요? 

  What would you like for coffee ?

399.시험 잘 봐라! 

  Good luck on your exam!

400.시험 잘 봤어요? 

  Did you do well on your test ?

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